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live/private_event_02-08-2014.jpg Why not enhance your club, restaurant or event space with a bit of live music? Especially with music most people really like, music made for listening and for dancing. Stephanie Pepperell is an accomplished artist, who not only sings, but plays several instruments. She has a wide repertoire and...

Sounds Of Amber

Sounds of Amber - Katja wilkens and Stephanie Pepperell

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Katja Wilken (guitar and vocals) and Stephanie Pepperell (bass and vocals) are "Sounds of Amber". Since 2008 Katja and Stephanie had appeared as a duo - previously called "Two of a Kind". However, since there already exist many formations with this name, Katja and Stephanie decided in June 2016 for "Sounds of Amber" as a new band name. The warm colors of amber (eng. Amber) both like very much, as well as the idea that amber has survived for many millions of years.


Heiko Ahrend Bluegrass Band

Heiko Ahrend Bluegrass Band in June 2016

Stephanie is also a member of the Heiko Ahrend Bluegrass Band.


The Heiko Ahrend bluegrass band is playing on

Saturday, Sept 10, 2016 at 19.00 hrs at the Zollhaus in Leer ("Last Night of the Proms"); Free entrance

Friday, Sept 30, 2016 at 20:00 hrs at the Kulturspeicher in Leer.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for 10.00 € at jewelery shop Besuden-Willig, in the town library and under the phone number +49 160/8343728 or for € 12.00 at the box office.

Bluegrass is a synonym for a certain light shimmering on the grass in Kentucky and the Appalachees making it appear blue. In the music, this name stands for, Irish influences can be found as well as blues and gospel in bluegrass music. Historically, simple folks sat together on the porch with family and neighbors after work and sang and played songs on their banjo, guitar, fiddle and mandolin.

Heiko Ahrend is considered one of Europe's best bluegrass guitarists. Born and raised in Leer, he was already at an early age an integral part of the bluegrass band of his older brothers Hendrik and Sievert Ahrend. They recorded their first record when Heiko was just 12 years old.

Country greats like Johnny Hill and Mark Chestnut and bands like Silverwood or Helmut & the Hillbillies book him as a guitarist and fiddler. As a charismatic singer, Heiko Ahrend also convinces and has already published several albums with his original songs.


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